Share Your Albums Privately

Share Your Albums Privately

You can now share your albums privately—via link or embed code—without syndicating to the FotoVisura Community. Advantages:

  • Share your FV-albums with colleagues such as editors, photographers or mentors for feedback before you publish. Save your album as a Private Draft to utilize this feature.
  • Use FotoVisura to host a slideshow that will only displays on your website or blog. This is an alternative for work that you do not want to self-publish on or share with a larger audience.
  • This is a great resource during the editing process of any project.


How To:

  • Log In
  • Create an album or edit an existing album
  • Keep the album marked as “Private Draft” (do not publish the album)
  • Visit the sharing options on step #4 for sharing and embed instructions

Enhanced Layout for Embeded Slideshows

Until now, FV-slideshows easily embeded into your blog or website in one size and design, which always included the FotoVisura logo with a link to your FV-profile. Now, you can choose between embeding the classic FotoVisura slideshow presentation or selecting a new and cleaner slideshow presentation that does not display the FotoVisura logo. This tool is meant for embeding the album into formal settings, such as your personal websites or other bloges, where you do not need or want to link back to your FV-profile. This is a great resource for enhancing your online presence.
→ View New Slideshow Layout
→ View Classic Slideshow Layout
→ Understanding and Using your Embed Code

New Embeded Slideshow Sizes

Both our Classic embeded slideshow and our new, clean slideshow are available in 5 sizes, all the way up to 1000px wide:
W=600px, H=410px
W=700px, H=470px
W=800px, H=570px
W=900px, H=630px
W=1000px, H=685px